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The most comprehensive and accurate route optimization software covering over fifty countries around the world, with live traffic feed, satellite coverage in local languages, point-to-point addresses, and much more!

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WHY live toll saving?

Toll fees, traffic jams, and other such hurdles can cause a major drain on the time, money, and resources of trucking companies, ride-share businesses, and bus and taxi owners. Live Toll Saving can help businesses find the best routes for saving time as well as money.

Save Money

With Live Toll Saving, our world-class travel efficiency app, you can easily compare routes in various countries around the globe for fuel costs, tolls, weather updates, and traffic details. You can also get all the latest information about the cheapest legal truck routes along with their axles, weight, height, and all other relevant restrictions. Our app allows users to quickly and easily calculate toll costs for any route in the 50 plus countries it covers. Live Toll Saving will also provide users with a list of the cheapest routes, taking into account fuel cost, driver wages, fuel efficiency, and value of time.

Save Time

Live Toll Saving offers best-in-class routing, navigation, and scheduling solutions for a variety of transportation-based industries and businesses. Users are empowered to use the latest technology, including live tracking and weather information, to get turn-by-turn directions, advance warning about traffic jams, and plan stops along their chosen route. Fuel stops and weigh-stations are also highlighted along the way, and precise ETA is provided to drivers in order to promote effective time-management.

Avoid Jams

With Live Toll Saving, users will get constant alerts and warnings for traffic jams, video cameras, and traffic police on their chosen route. This will allow drivers of commercial vehicles to avoid unnecessary hurdles during their journey and save time, increasing the efficiency of the business. Constant time, toll-saving, and weather alerts will also be provided for maximum efficacy and cost-effectiveness.

Easy Compliance

Apart from providing alerts for traffic jams, cops, or video cameras along the route of a commercial vehicle, Live Toll Saving also helps users keep compliance guidelines in mind, by considering various relevant parameters such as axle count, truck weight, and height. Clients can also plan stops in advance in order to meet any local or national break restrictions or other labor laws. HAZMAT routing, state mileage reports, and route restrictions are some benefits of Live Toll Saving that can help users improve their regulatory compliance record.

Constant Alerts

Users of the Live Toll Saving app receive continuous toll and time-saving alerts, allowing them to strategize effectively and plan an optimal route for minimum cost and maximum efficiency. With coverage in all toll types and vehicle models and a presence in over fifty countries around the globe, Live Toll Saving is the best option for companies that want the cheapest and fastest routes to their destination.

How it Works


Live Toll Saving offers best-in-class routing, navigation, and scheduling solutions for a variety of industries and businesses. Ride-share companies, trucking freight operations, transportation modeling, connected vehicles, and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) are some key sectors that can benefit immensely from the routing solutions we provide. Any business that makes use of data relating to tolls, fuel costs, state miles, axle count, live traffic information, HAZMAT restrictions, and Hours of Service (HOS) can enhance their efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness with our solutions.

Over 50+ Countries

With coverage in over fifty countries around the globe, all toll types, and vehicle models, Live Toll Saving is the best option for companies that want to find the cheapest and fastest routes to their destination. Know More About Our Innovative Routing Solutions Here

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